What you will learn on the workshop?

  • How to switch to natural skincare with minimal fuss and disruption

  • What toxic ingredients to look out for in your current products and how to find natural alternatives

  • Introduction to natural ingredients, butters, base oils and Essential oils: how to use them and their multitude of benefits

  • Natural alternatives and multi purpose products to replace family favourites such as nappy creams, lip balms, baby oil, toners, moisturisers and after sun care

  • How to cut back on packaging and shrink your cosmetics cabinet down to a few key products

You'll learn how to make your own:

  • Products for sensitive and problem skin such as eczema and psoriasis: All natural, vegan and organic ingredients

  • Body butters, including stretch mark balms and multi purpose balm for anything from nappy rash to minor cuts and burns

  • Non comedogenic face oils and oil cleansers. Great for moisture without blocking pores and solutions for acne sufferers...

  • Sensitive bath salts and body scrubs

  • Child friendly and eczema friendly bath products

  • Teen and hormonal skin solutions


  • You'll also get a manual with recipes to try at home

  • Sample products to take home

  • You'll get to sample ingredients and end products in the class

  • You'll have the opportunity to order ingredients and testers 

  • You'll get to make 1-2 products in class (time dependant) to take home and enjoy!

Excited to get started?

Here's How..........

Where? : The workshop will be held in Coney Hall, West wickham, BR4, Address will be sent once booking is made. 

When?: **Next scheduled dates: SATURDAY 7th SEPTEMBER 2019 & SATURDAY 14th SEPTEMBER 2019.

Time: 10.00am-1.30pm including breaks

Price: £50 (less than a high end bottle of facial serum! see above for what's included)

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided, The idea is to come and have some fun, meet new people and learn something valuable in the process!

How do I book?:

Please contact me on the details below to book your place or book online by clicking here. Spaces are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Lucy 07814521325

Email: or

Book this online via our bookings page


*Places will only be held once full payment has been received or £25 deposit has been made. In the event of cancellation the £25 is non refundable.



Would you love to attend this workshop but don't live locally?

I am looking into providing this class online. If you would be interested please use the contact form below to let me know and I will notify you when this becomes available!

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Why Switch To Natural Skincare?

Fed up of toxins in your skincare and worry about what goes on your families skin? 

If full control over what goes into your skincare is what you want, this is the course for you.

We've broken down everything into bite size pieces:

  • What ingredients to look out for in your regular products and why

  • Easy ways to identify if a product is 'clean'

  • How to select new natural organic ingredients that will be just as, if not more effective that your current products

  • How to make sure you are getting the best quality and most ethically sourced products and where to buy them.

This is just a small highlight of all the support, information and help included, along with gorgeous recipes that will give you good reason to ditch your old favourites.....

Are you wanting to cut back on plastic, environmental impact and want unadulterated and cruelty free cosmetic products?

Making your own skincare and bathing products is a fantastic way to achieve this. From choice of packaging to supply chain, you get full control. With our non aqueous, vegan recipes that are suitable for sensitive skin, you have so many more options and control. Plus you get the satisfaction of making your own products that work and cost a fraction of the price! 

Do you or your family suffer with skin sensitivities, eczema, psoriasis or allergies?

This is exactly the reason I began making my own skincare for my family.  However it took me nearly a year to research everything and experiment until I got the products right! I even embarked on a professional formulating course.

I struggled replacing family favourites like Sudo creme and Vaseline and don't get me started on tackling cleaner alternatives to shampoo, conditioner and facial products!. In the process I was spending a fortune on products I wasn't satisfied with.

Realising others struggle in the same way as I did, I decided a quicker more informative way of learning how to transition to clean, gentle, natural and toxin free products was needed. Most cosmetic making courses are costly and geared to people who want to formulate in order to sell products. I decided to combine my research and experience on transitioning to natural into this workshop.

With short cuts and life hacks to do this without pulling your hair out, as well as my favourite recipes and formulations to get you started, you too can enjoy freedom and peace of mind knowing exactly what is going onto yours and your families skin, as well as doing your bit for the environment!

Want to transition to clean but not sure making your own is the way forward?

I've broken down the process step by step based on my experience. It isn't just about learning to make your own products,  its about how to make the transition in the easiest least stressful way with knowledge and ease. With practical steps you aren't left running for the nearest boots. I've included reasons why some natural products don't work and how to find, purchase or create the best. You'll also learn in the workshop the many possibilities of transitioning with products that are ready made, reasonably priced and available to tailor to your needs with just a few ingredients.