• Lucy

Who's life is it anyway?

How many times have you judged yourself today?

How often do you make yourself wrong in the space of an hour?

how many times do you say I should do this, or if only I did that or I better do this or I didn't do that? Do you take it to the next level, I'm crap at this, or I cant do that etc........

How much pain and anguish do you create every hour of every day?

Call it self esteem, call it your inner critic, call it your parent voice call it what you will..... when that inner critic gets going how good on a scale of one to ten does it make you feel?

If the answer is anything at the lower end (which i'm guessing it probably is) why oh why do you keep flipping back to the inner critic to rule your life?

Does it really feel so good to beat ourselves up that we have to keep returning to that all encompassing, self loathing?

Whatever your weapon of choice, "my hair's not right" "I look like crap", "I'm a shitty parent", "I'm no good at........." no amount of affirmations will ever touch the surface until you render that critic powerless and give yourself permission to let it go.......

You could sit for years analysing why, what and where it came from, but let me ask you this....... would you, under any circumstances, hand over a list of your self critiques, to a random stranger and ask them to follow you around, day after day, shouting insults, flaws and abuse at you? or taunt and tease you with whatever other kryptonite you torture yourself with? Or more to the point would you do that to a beautiful, innocent child that you cared for?

No? then why the HELL do you do it to yourself?

Are you not that beautiful creature you taunt and tease?

Who's life is it anyway? who decides what is right or wrong for you?

Who makes the rules you so adamantly live by?

Who do these opinions and regulations belong to?

Is it time to stop beating yourself down and start honouring you?

What is so amazing and powerful about you that you are afraid to let out?

Who are you trying to please?

Is it time to be in allowance of you, your greatness your amazingness and everything that is... without shame, fear or embarrassment?

Are you drowning yourself out in order to make someone else feel happier?

Whatever you have bought, aligned and agreed with and everything that keeps you small, in line, compliant, in agreement with whatever, whomever and however, will you destroy and un create it all please? Yes? now make a choice, do you chose to keep or destroy everything that keeps you in jail? If you wish to destroy it, do it now....uncreate all your limitations, worries and opinions and realise they don't define you, they are just interesting points of view!

How liberated can you be without all those opinions ruling your life, what can you be? and how much freedom could you have?

Set yourself free from everything you have bought into, every criticism, every opinion and every rule you keep yourself tethered to, Are you ready 1, 2, 3..............GO!


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