Whatever the reason, if you are looking to switch to natural organic skincare products that are free of nasties, suitable for sensitive and problem skin and want full control over what goes into your products, this workshop is a great place to start.


What you will learn:

  • Body butter methods and recipes, Face and body oil recipes, Bath bomb recipe, Bath salt and scrub recipe

• Why switch to clean skincare? How to transition steadily and deal with the dreaded purge

• What ingredients to look out for in your current products and why

• Choosing natural ingredients, base oils and butter, actives, co2 extracts, aromatherapy safety and appropriate usage levels in certain products, appropriate use in family products, absolutes, (choosing quality, suitability of ingredients and list of suppliers) ingredient suitability for sensitive skin- resources on where to find out about ingredients

• The difference between aqueous and non aqueous products, which to make at home and when to use a base product

• How to spot a good recipe and going onto formulating your own. Books for reference, safety etc, the difference between aqueous and non aqueous products and which is best for stability at home.

• Containers, options, what to use and how to be eco friendly


'Make your own' Skincare workshop PDF

  • This is not a professional formulating class and a any formulations are subject to strict cosmetic regulations and testing should you wish to sell your products